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Wood Turning Art Museum


The Museum, located in an ancient lathe shop on the Molinara Canal, hosts a fine collection of tools, utensils, machinery, and various objects from old “factories” and local artisanal workshops. The production of turned wood objects was characteristic of the handicrafts of Cusio artisans until the 1950s; still today some shops in Pettenasco offer products derived from this rich tradition.

In the eighteenth century there were 5 water mills powered by the Molinara Canal, which itself derives from the Pescone stream. When these mills were no longer used for milling, their hydraulic energy was utilized for wood working. During the second half of the nineteenth century the mills were transformed into “factories” which, thanks to their hydraulic power, were able to assist artisans in their wood turning endeavors. Six factories were still active in 1922, serving as testament to a strong traditional form of business; these continued to run until the 1970s. The hydraulic energy left room for electricity to move in and power the production of new objects such as toys, machines, and furniture. Unfortunately, with the passing of the years and the development of new industrial and commercial system, we have witnessed the gradual disappearance of the various companies in this industry.

The Wood Turning Art Museum can be found in one of these old factories. Inside are some rooms dedicated to turned wood objects, with pieces dating back to the beginning of the twentieth century and some more recent objects as well. A particularly striking section of the museum was derived from a lathe turner’s artisanal workshop, where you can still admire his original wood turning machine and tools.

Hours: July and August from 2:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.; during other months by reservation.
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Wood Turning Art Museum
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