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Cuore verde tra due laghi
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Cuore verde tra due laghi

Buccione Tower


The figure of the Buccione Tower is persistently present throughout the passage along the west side of the Cuore Verde tra Due Laghi (Green Heart between Two Lakes). Due to its elevated, dominant position overlooking the entire area, the tower served as a strategic outpost that allowed for the timely sighting of enemies as early as the twelfth century.

23 meters (75 feet) high and built with block of various different sizes, the inside of the tower was very well organized: the lowest part features a warehouse where the garrison’s provisions were stored, while spaces intended as combat zones tower above.

To prevent the tower from being vulnerable to attack, it was surrounded by a rectangular wall designed for defense as well as combat, with merlons, basement windows, and corridors.

The Tower is located inside the Nature Reserve that also includes the Holy Mountain of Orta and Mount Mesma in Ameno. You can cover the blue pathway up the mountain by foot in 3 hours; alternatively you can park your car further up the mountain in a small parking lot that serves as the starting point for a short ascent to the top.

The scenic view from the top is amazing; you will note the perfect contrast of Lake Orta with its surroundings, the mountains that lie at the foot of Monte Rosa.

You can reach the tower on foot from the parking lot in less than 10 minutes. The inside is not open to the public.