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Cuore verde tra due laghi
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Cuore verde tra due laghi

Mottarone Butter

On the Mottarone and the surrounding hills, the job of preparing cheese was carried out by indiscriminately by both men and women, but the job of creating butter was reserved exclusively for females.

In some areas of the hill country there was even a dedicated room adapted exclusively to the preparation of butter, which was created using only one ingredient, the fatty cream from milk. This cream, collected after reaching the surface of the milk, was transferred to the “butter churn”, a cylindrical wooden apparatus equipped with a stirring stick that ended in a disc-shaped plunger.

Once extracted from the churn, the butter was modeled by hand into small mounds and wrapped in chestnut leaves. Instead of chestnut leaves, nowadays the modeled butter is covered in paper wrappers used specifically for this purpose.
Today you may find artisanal butter sold on some of the local farms of the region.