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Cuore verde tra due laghi
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Cuore verde tra due laghi


In the 1960s Fosseno di Nebbiuno, a small suburb overlooking the Lake Maggiore, produced 150,000 kilograms (165 tons) of strawberries each year.

Their distribution extended the confines of the Vergante territory thanks to the massive production of this tasty fruit, particularly of the rare variety Madame Mounton, starting in the beginning of the summer.

Now only a few strawberry farmers remain, but these still maintain the Fosseno tradition of producing top-quality product. Born here from the desire of the Fossenese of Cucù Family to perpetuate this tradition is one of the oldest celebrations in Vergante: the Strawberry Feast (Sagra della Fragola), which takes place every year on the second Sunday of June and was first celebrated back in the 1950s.