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Cuore verde tra due laghi
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Cuore verde tra due laghi

Mottarone Tonic Liquor/Amaro

Invented by Fermo Morniroli, who founded the business in 1948 with his father Luigi, amaro is an infusion of more than thirty varieties of grasses, roots, citrus fruits, flowers, and spices made through a slow cold maceration process.

It is light amber-colored and can be drunk straight at room temperature or with ice and soda; the best way to enjoy this drink, however, is to warm it up so that the many hints of the herbs with which is it made can be released and enjoyed.
Mottarone Tonic Liquor (Amaro Mottarone) is 28% alcohol and has a fairly limited diffusion, but is commonly served in local confectionaries and used inside chocolates.

It’s easy to find bottles of Amaro in the shops of Armeno, a small, thriving village at the base of the Mottarone.