Culture by Nature

Menta e Rosmarino
Green Festival
From 02 June 2018
To 03 June 2018
Menta e Rosmarino (Mint and Rosemary) is a multidisciplinary event organised by the cultural association Asilo Bianco and dedicated to green, flowers and plants, nature and environment. It takes place in the amazing park of Villa Nigra at Miasino, on the hills overlooking Lake Orta. … >>

Cuore Verde tra Due Laghi (Green Heart between Two Lakes) is a cultural network project born in 2007 with the goal of promoting the territory enclosed to the east by the Lake Maggiore and the west by the Lake Orta. The network operates synergistically to communicate its mission and to promote the territory, guided by four main goals:

  • research in the field of contemporary culture;
  • development of nature and landscapes in the region;
  • development of local historical and artistic heritage and religious traditions;
  •  development of food and wine journeys through the region.
The Asilo Biano Cultural Association promotes this projects, which is underwritten by Novara Province and the eleven towns in the hilly region of the Alto Novarese. Cuore Verde tra Due Laghi (Green Heart between Two Lakes) is recognized in the Piemonte Region as a cultural project, sanctioned by Giunta and undersigned by the CRT Foundation and the Compagnia di San Paolo (Company of Saint Paul). The Cariplo Foundation also supports the project.