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Cuore verde tra due laghi
Cuore verde tra due laghi


The Cuore Verde (Green Heart) region extends into the hills between the Lake Maggiore and the Lake Orta. Its notably beautiful population centers, characteristic of the region, have been able to conserve an ancient structure, with cobblestone paths, small markets, rural architecture, and courts and palaces from the Baroque Age and the nineteenth century.

Vergante’s tall hills are covered by forests of chestnut, beachwood, pine, and birch trees and are full of trails. Their gentle slopes are covered with nurseries that grow and sell Acidophilus plants, which brighten up every garden in the region. There are many torrential mountain streams in the area; the main one is Agogna, which starts in the Mottarone and, after travelling along the Novarese and Pavese plains, empties into the Po, flowing a total of 140 kilometers (87 miles).

The towns included in the Cuore Verde tra Due Laghi (Green Heart between Two Lakes) region are: Ameno, Armeno, Briga Novarese, Colazza, Gozzano, Invorio, Massino Visconti, Miasino, Nebbiuno, Pisano, Pettenasco.