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Cuore verde tra due laghi
Cuore verde tra due laghi

History and Legends

Man first settled in this region many thousands of years ago, thanks to the mild climate of the Lake Maggiore and the Lake Orta.

Many Gaulish-Roman necropolises have been discovered all over this region; make sure to remember those in Ameno and Carcegna. The well-known Settimia street, known as Francisca in the Middle Ages, passed through Armeno, Miasino, and Ameno during the era of the Roman Empire.

Christianity didn’t make its way to this region until the fourth or fifth century; thus pagan rituals and Christian ceremonies coexisted for a long time, leaving behind much evidence of this coexistence. For a millennium the Cusiano side of the region took part in the Episcopal Principality of the Coast of Saint Julius, while the Vergante, after being conquered by the Visconti, was subjected to the rule of the Borromeo, who participated in continuous feuds with the dukes of Milan in the middle of the 15th century. Both regions came first to be a part of the Piedmont Savoy - breaking a secular tie to Milan in the 18th century - and then of the Kingdom of Italy.

This region has a rich history, legends of which have been handed down from father to son throughout the generations.